Water supply arrives at Nacula

Somolevu Catholic School headteacher Ricky Lesi with one of the school's empty 10,000 litre water tanks. Picture REPEKA NASIKO

WATER has finally arrived at Nacula Village in Yasawa.

A Government barge containing more than 100,000 litres of water has brought relief to villagers who have been worried about how they are going to fill their dried-up water tanks.

Village headman Saimone Naivalu said with a population of about 300 villagers, they depended on water carted to the village.

“With the water being brought to the village, we’re able to refill most of our water tanks,” he said.

“Some households have wells but it can’t be used by the whole village otherwise it would run out.

“We also recently commissioned our new dam which can feed water to the whole village.”

He said the Government barge that arrived on Monday was able to supplement water supply to nearby schools.

“I think the main priority right now is the schools and the government stations.

“We have a police post and a health centre that needs to have water every day especially the health centre.

“We have people coming in from the whole Nacula district and sometimes guests from nearby resorts. So we need the government stations to have water.”

He said the village would be able to sustain its supply until the next round of help arrived.