Water sources not yet at critical level

Director Fiji Meterological Services Ravind Kumar. Picture: JONA KONATACI

WATER sources have not reached critical level despite the ongoing dry spell, says Fiji Meteorological Service director Ravind Kumar.

However, he said, there had been a slight decrease in the level of water in our water sources.

“Most of our water sources are doing well, the levels have been going down, however, I can confirm that all sources have not reached critical level,” said Mr Kumar.

Mr Kumar said the situation would only worsen if the dry spell continued in the coming months.

“Our citizens should be fully prepared should there be a need for us to take any other action. Mr Kumar is urging members of the public to be proactive in terms of conserving water.

“The key message here is for the members of the public to be on a proactive mode. To see that we do not really run out in terms of the unsustainable use of the current water that is stored in the reservoirs.”

Water Authority of Fiji board director Kamal Gounder said they had a sufficient level of staffing at various divisions to cater for needs on the ground.

“We are trying to manage our resources in case we move to drought so we have sufficient level of water in our sources and catchments available to meet those demands that we will be facing during that period,” he said.

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