Water source for 10,000

THE Water Authority of Fiji will soon secure a water source it has identified within a freehold piece of land in Salialevu estate to cater for more than 10,000 residents on the southern tip of Taveuni.

In a statement, the WAF chief executive officer Opetaia Ravai said they were working towards securing the water source and pipeline alignment. Mr Ravai said the authority was in negotiations with the property owners on how best it could legally occupy the area of interest.

“Options considered are for WAF to lease the area or for the authority to purchase outright interested areas,” he said.

He said there were other issues being discussed and negotiated in terms of the basis of values for both options, access maintenance and crop compensations.

“The property owners have given their verbal support to WAF’s interest in supplying for the neighbouring communities, for which the authority is currently discussing its formalisations,” he said.

“Work will commence once WAF receives a formal consent and approval from the property owners, which the authority targets to gather before the end of this year.”

However, with the Navaca desalination plant in the southern tip of Taveuni, Mr Ravai said WAF had successfully completed the servicing and redesigning of the desalination plant.

“We have completed it together with the support and assistance of a team in New Caledonia — Aqua Nord,” he said.

“All the three osmosis plants are in full operation and WAF is now able to restore water supply to 80 per cent of metered customers and the remaining 20 per cent is being serviced by water carting. WAF also carts water to non-metered customers.”

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