Water situation: Makoi residents advised to store water

WATER Authority of Fiji is advising its customers living in the following parts of Makoi that water supply will be temporarily disrupted from 10pm tonight (Thursday, June 20, 2019) to 5am Friday (21/06/19).

The authority stated that the period of interruption would allow its crew members to carry out the connection of the newly-laid DN 150 Mpvc pipe to the existing DN 250 main from the Tovata Reservoir.

Residents in expected areas are advised to store and use water wisely for their immediate needs during this temporary disruption period.

Supply is expected to be gradually restored by 5am on Friday.

The areas expected to be affected include:

Vatuyalewa Settlement

Delaiwakalou Settlement

Qaranivalu Rd

Kalabu Village

Tovata Rd

Pritam Singh Rd

Tuirara Subdivision

Makoi Rd

Naitasau Rd

Moko Rd

William Cross Primary School

Neela Pl

Karobo Pl

Peela Pl

Lal Pl

Kalokalo Crescent

Matanisiga Rd

Shaa Pl

Sabera Pl

Roshnee Pl

Bijli St

Dhanush St

Bewa St

Suraj Pl

Poorva Rd

Vula St

Lomalagi Pl

Baadal Pl

Matanikorovatu Rd

Solinaga St

Makoi West

Hanson Supermarket

Makoi Hospital

Tovata Settlement

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