Water situation: Korova Settlement without water since Thursday, says resident

TEN homes in Korova Settlement in Nasese have been without water since Thursday.

Simione Pati, 30, said the water cuts had affected his family over the last two days.

“Its been like this since yesterday and it really affected our family because I’ve got two children. Sometimes, the water cut can go on for three days and the sad thing is there is hardly any water cart in this area,” Mr Pati said.

He said even children in their area studying in schools in Nasese were sent home early because of water cuts.

“Even if water is restored, the pressure will be so low and it can only fill one bucket. Most of the time, it’s like this in this area and before they used to cart water to us but now Water Authority of Fiji hardly comes around to our area.

“As you know, water is a basic necessity of life so without this, only one can imagine the struggles we are going through.”

Questions sent to the Water Authority of Fiji remain unanswered.

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