Water situation: Elevated parts of Ba advised of intermittent supply

RESIDENTS in elevated parts of Ba are advised to expect low water pressure to intermittent supply from tonight as Water Authority of Fiji workers will be conducting operational works at Balevuto.

WAF has stated that crew members would be carrying out works on the DN250 outlet trunk mains from the Balevuto dam to direct water to the newly-constructed 1.0million litre (ML) reservoir at Balevuto.

A statement from the authority stated that the work involved filling of the newly constructed 1.0ml reservoir to its maximum level and carry out necessary assessments and hydrostatic testing of the reservoir.

Areas expected to be affected include:

– Balevuto area

– Nukuloa

– Nacaci

– Vatusui

– Parts of Naruku

– Kumkum

– Moto, and

– Tabataba.

Residents are advised that they would experience low water pressure to intermittent supply during the night from Friday to 8am, Monday (24/06/19).

The authority has advised customers residing in those areas to store and use water wisely for their immediate needs during this temporary disruption period.

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