Water pipes have aged, says WAF

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MAJORITY of water pipes in Fiji have aged and inadequately sized, says WAF general manager customer services and acting general manager operations Sekove Uluinayau Mr Uluinayau said while opening WAF’s Capex implementation workshop at Studio 6 in Suva yesterday that this was one of the main challenges faced by the Water Authority of Fiji(WAF).

“Continuous maintenance of current assets is not economically viable compared to the capital cost of replacement,” he said.

Mr Uluinayau said as a result of the inadequately sized infrastructure, WAF was not able to ensure a 24/7 water supply to most of its existing customers and also not able to extend some of its current water supply systems to new customers without causing a detrimental effect on the existing customers.

“The ongoing cost of repairs to some existing assets on a net present value basis is higher than the capital cost of replacement.

“Amplification of the water supply systems are required to cater for additional customer growth.”

More in today’s edition of The Fiji Times.

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