Water pipes damaged, villagers use river

TWO villages in the district of Nakasaleka on Kadavu are without water as waterpipes from tanks were damaged during Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni.

Onisi Natoqau, 50, said the villagers were now getting water from a nearby river.

“Our water supply has been damaged and now villagers are getting water from the rivers which isn’t safe, so we have to boil it,” Mr Natoqau said.

“The winds this cyclone brought were just too strong; we prepared well ahead but it’s impact was too strong.”

Mr Natoqau said their farms had also been completely destroyed.

“All our farms, our main source of food has been completely damaged and we’re now just eating what we’re able to salvage, but right now it’s not enough,” he said.

Two other nearby villages, Koronawa and Nakaugasele, suffered damage to homes and farms.

Mr Natoqau said the only evacuation centre for the four villages near Lomanikoro was severely damaged during STC Keni.

“Our evacuation centre donated to us through USAID after Severe TC Winston has been damaged. We were told it would withstand a Category 5 cyclone, but it took a Category 3 cyclone to damage it,” he said.

“People had to run to the school’s classrooms because the roof and the walls of the evacuation centre blew off.”

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