Water out of thin air

The SOURCE water dispenser at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Picture: SUPPLIED.

GUESTS visiting the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort have taken a liking to a solar powered machine that produces water out of thin air.

Resort assistant chief engineer Vineet Singh said ever since the machine was installed in August this year, it has been a big hit with guests.

“The system was installed on August 16 and til to date has dispensed 700 litres of water,” he said.

“It has been very effective in establishing our sustainability goals as guests are drawn to it more and more each day acknowledging and appreciating the revolutionary reverse osmosis concept of drawing water out of thin air.

“We are already seeing the benefits in terms of usage and positive guest comments and have started to plan for installation in other areas such as the gym and around our swimming pools.”

Mr Singh said guests had resorted to refilling empty water bottles and this had reduced the amount of plastic bottles being used.

“We frequently have guests ask about how the system operates and guests always comment on the water quality to be the same as prominent brands of bottled water.

“Guests are also frequently commending us on migrating to environment friendly solutions.”

Outrigger Fiji has four units installed at the premier family holiday haven and there are plans to establish more.

“We currently have four units installed on the roof of our main restaurant, Vale Ni Kana.

“Each unit has the capacity to store 30 litres so we currently have a backup of 120 litres for guest use.

“The water dispenser is situated at the entrance of Vale Ni Kana as this area has high foot traffic and provides an opportunity to majority of our guests to experience this revolutionary method of obtaining clean, safe and environment friendly way of obtaining drinking water.”

Greenco, the sole distributor and backup service operator of the product is keen to see the product gain traction in the tourism sector.

“Apart from the obvious savings through using solar energy, the SOURCE Nature Based water-producing technology made by Zero Mass Water also reduces carbon footprint by reducing the amount of plastic bottles being bought,” said managing director and CEO Mollie Fong.

“At Greenco, we are all about bringing in technologies that have a low environmental impact, helps our vulnerable rural and maritime communities and in the medium to long term, reduces costs for the consumer and companies.

“If you want to know how this revolutionary equipment can help you make your company green, contact me at greencofiji@gmail.com.”

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