Water carting prioritised in five areas up north

Water carting is being prioritised in five major areas in the North which consists of more than 100 settlements, WAF says. Picture: FT FILE

WATER carting is being prioritised to five major areas in the North which consists of more than 100 settlements.

In a recent consultation held in Labasa, Water Authority of Fiji’s (WAF) water carting co-ordinator Miliana Vueti said water supplied to affected areas needed to be used sparingly for drinking and cooking purposes only.

The areas, she said, included Labasa, Seaqaqa, Savusavu, Nabouwalu and Taveuni.

“Each family will be distributed with 2000 litres of water during their scheduled water carting day,” she said.

“Water carting is scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays every week and people need to refer to the schedules to know their turns.

“WAF is currently concentrating on carting exercises in over 100 settlements within five major areas in the North, including that of Labasa, Seaqaqa, Savusavu, Nabouwalu and Taveuni.

“Members of the public can contact 9103805 or 9161710 for any further queries.”

WAF has recently launched a nationwide campaign to increase awareness on the importance of water conservation to members of the public during the prolonged dry spell period.

The authority’s board director, Kamal Gounder, said the two-month campaign would feature tips on saving water.

“Every customer should be aware of the impact of the prolonged dry spell and the need for everyone to conserve water during this low to no rainfall period,” said Mr Gounder.

“To minimise wastage, we need to do our bit to encourage others who are wasting water to stop, so at the end of the day, we can prolong the water resources up in the hills or the water storage in the reservoirs and tanks.”

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