Watchdog warns on pesticide overuse

THE Consumer Council of Fiji has urged farmers to learn about the negative impact of pesticides as today’s excessive usage could affect the future generation.

The council held a workshop with farmers in Seaqaqa yesterday where they were told that excessive use of pesticides could affect children’s capability to shape tomorrow’s nation.

The council’s northern co-ordinator, Losana Malani, told farmers that research confirmed pesticides being a cause of cancer.

“When you use pesticides, do you ever think about the impact it has on your health and your children’s future?

“Our children are the future of our nation and they help with the development of the gross domestic product. So it’s important that we monitor the use of pesticides because it harms our children, including unborn babies as mothers eat fruits and if it contains pesticides the chemicals passes through.”

Ministry of Agriculture’s acting permanent secretary Uraia Waibuta said farmers should follow labelled instructions stuck on packs of pesticides. He said the problem was to do with the abuse of chemical usage.

Efforts to obtain comments from Health Minister Rosy Akbar proved futile when this edition went to print last night.

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