Watch your words

Krishna Vinod. Picture: SUPPLIED

THERE is a saying – If you think you can, or if you think you can’t; you are right.
I was asked to do a speech at school on the topic of “Watch your language”.
What started as a simple speech has been very useful to me and my friends so I wanted to share this with you all. I like this saying because it teaches me to be aware of what I am thinking and what I am saying. And generally, we say what we think, isn’t it?
This is such an important topic, because if we understand it and follow it, we can have a successful life. I am sure we all want to have a successful life. Don’t we?
So let me share a few things which will make us successful.
It is scientifically proven that if we say or hear something many times, we start to believe it and becomes true. Scary isn’t it?
For example, if you say “I cannot do maths or I am not good at maths” a few times to your friends or parents or teacher, then you may start actually believing that you can’t do it and you actually become bad at maths.
Also, as parents, teachers and friends, if we tell others that you are not good at maths, then you also start to believe it, and becomes true.
So, our teachers and parents should always talk to us in a positive way, don’t you think friends?
We should be very careful when we say “limiting” things about ourselves and others because we actually make it come true. So watch your language!
We should also watch our language when we say things like:I don’t know;I have no idea;This is too difficult; You are bad person; No one likes me; and I don’t like you.
Please remember words like these are negative. And when we use them often, it becomes true.
To show you the power of words, I want to introduce you to the most powerful three-letter word.
Any guesses on what it is?
Believe it or not. It is “yet” – y, e t..
I will show you how.
One can say “I can’t write well” or “I can’t write well yet”.
“You are not good at soccer” or “You are not good at soccer yet”.
“I do not have the answer” or “I do not have the answer yet”.
Do you see the difference? My father told me that this the difference between growth and a fixed mindset.
Fixed mind-set is like a full stop because it puts a full stop to our learning and growth.
Growth minset is like a comma which means I am not finished yet. Don’t judge me. I am work in progress.
How we speak makes a lot of difference in what we will become.
It is also very important to watch our language with our friends and family.
Sometimes people get really hurt when we say words which are nasty or mean, even if we are joking.
We should always be careful that our words are not hurting anyone.
Actually, did you know that, we can use our words to make people feel good and happy? And when we make people happy, we automatically become happy.
Please try this at home and at school because one kind word can change someone’s entire day.
Also, pay attention to your language because there are two types of language; language of the winner or language of the loser.
Winners always speak positive words, they never ever complain, and will always try to make things happen.
Losers will always complain and make excuses and say things like “I can’t do this”.
Words are like arrows. Once they are released, they don’t come back.
So let me summarise, Words are powerful because whatever someone says to us or whatever we are saying, we start to actually believe it. Then it slowly comes true. So let me suggest something which we all can do to use our words for our advantage.
We should start the day by saying something positive every day. You may want to say these for instance; I am blessed and happy, I am kind and helpful, I trust in my ability, and I am brave and smart.
So always remember to watch your language and that you are awesome!
I am grateful to my spiritual master Sri Muralidhara Swamiji for always blessing me and allowing me to share this message with you all.

  •  Krishna Hriday Vinod is an Year 4
    student in Sydney, Australia