Waste wood for energy production

Update: 4:49PM THE Ministry of Forests will work closely with Eltech Fiji Limited and interested companies and individuals, to supply waste wood to its factory and other invasive species, to be used for energy production.

Around 50 landowners, loggers and sawmill operators in the Sigatoka area gathered yesterday at the Saint Joan of Arc Hall in Sigatoka for the second round of consultations and awareness by the Ministry and Eltech.

Deputy Conservator of Forests, Semi Dranibaka, in a statement by the Ministry, said that in order for the factory to operate, huge volumes of wood resources would be needed and this was an opportunity for any interested company or private individual to supply wood waste materials to the factory in return for cash.

“The Government has been supporting this project from its inception in 2013 to date in terms of land acquisition, resource mobilisation, stakeholder involvement, and it will continue to see that this project operates successfully for the benefit of all stakeholders and the economy as a whole,” Mr Dranibaka said.

“It is envisaged that this new factory will consume approximately 300 tonnes of wood daily so the company is looking at waste wood from invasive species like African Tulip,” he said.

Mr Dranibaka said most farmers had complained about the African Tulip trees that had taken over prime farm land.

“So this is an opportunity to eradicate these trees and get a value in return,” he said.

Meanwhile, Eltech Fiji Limited has plans as well for the construction of another biomass factory for the Central Division in the future.

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