Warning for traders

IF you are unethical, be worried.

This was the strong message from Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) chief executive officer Joel Abraham to traders as they embark on another year of consumer protection work.

And while compliance levels had increased last year, Mr Abraham said they would be beefing up on their enforcement and we will continue to go hard on unethical traders.

“If you want to comply, come to us, we will assist you. We have been assisting consumers and we will continue to do so,” Mr Abraham said.

Mr Abraham said they had committed to increasing their resources by recruiting four new lawyers into the commission in order to strengthen enforcement areas.

“So when cases go to court we have the best people and we are able to come out and actually be able to encourage people to come in and lodge their complaints,” Mr Abraham said.

“The spike in the number of complaints is not per say that there is a lot of non-compliance but people have a lot in the FCCC so they are now coming forward and lodging complaints.

“So we are looking at consumers becoming empowered. It is a way of educating people as well so that they are aware of their consumer rights.”

Mr Abraham said they were also in the final process of registering a few matters in court from last year.

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