Warms the body and mind

There’s nothing quite like Ovaltine’s delicious “chocolatey” malt taste. It’s the perfect, comforting hug-in-a-mug. Welcoming, reassuring, restoring Ovaltine warms you right through — body and soul. When it’s wet and cold outside, unwind and warm up with your favourite Ovaltine.

They’re all easy to make and packed full of 14 vitamins and 10 minerals too. Millions of homes all over the world have grown up with the fabulous “chocolatey” malt taste of Ovaltine. Because Ovaltine is the brand we all love and really trust. Make Ovaltine a loved and trusted part of your home too.

Ovaltine — a rich and proud heritage

The Ovaltine story began almost 120-years-ago in a humble Swiss laboratory with a Swiss chemist by the name of Dr George Wander. It was 1904 and Dr Wander was investigating the nutritional qualities of barley malt. He made a very happy discovery. His research showed him that barley malt was full of complex carbohydrates and naturally occurring vitamins.

The scientist then decided to combine the healthy barley malt with other nutritious ingredients like milk, egg, and cocoa. The result of this combination was named Ovaltine.

Full of vitamins and minerals

Ovaltine was launched as the very first convenient and complete milk fortifier. It was intended to provide hot, nutritional drinks that would strengthen.

By 1909, news of Ovaltine had reached the UK. The British people started their long and happy relationship with the delicious drink. It’s a relationship that continues and strengthens today.

Because of the busy world we live in, Ovaltine is even more relevant than ever. It’s easy to make, warming and restorative. No wonder Ovaltine is loved and trusted by so many.

Since its beginnings in Switzerland, millions of families across the world have grown up enjoying the fabulous “chocolatey” malt taste of their friend Ovaltine.

Ovaltine is also the world’s best nightcap and assures a good night’s sleep. It is also safe during pregnancies.

Apart from being a perfect health drink for everyone in the family, Ovaltine is also used as ingredients to make many mouth-watering food and snacks across the world between different cultures. Ovaltine is distributed in Fiji by Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

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