Warm-up for West schools athletes

SECONDARY schools from Nadi and Lautoka yesterday participated in a warm-up athletics competition ahead of the Coca Cola Games in Suva from April 24-25.

Invitations were sent out to the other schools in the Western Division however only a few turned up.

Antonio Raboiliku who was the meet manager said it was an ideal hit out for the schools in the division.

“Majority of the athletes from the West cannot travel to Suva just to run on the ANZ Stadium tracks for preparation,” Raboiliku said.

“There are a lot of costs involved with travel and accommodation. The athletes are seeking competition as they build up to the finals.

“So this is why we decided to hold this event whereby the athletes could gauge their times and distances ahead of their final preparations next week.”

The major drawback the teams from the Western Division is the lack of a synthetic track.

Raboiliku said the athletes recorded slower time on grass.

“It is two different things training on grass and on synthetic tracks,” he said.

“On synthetic you run faster while the grass holds you back. Working on grass is very difficult when comparing to the synthetic.

“It affects the relay teams with marks for the blocks so technically it is a big challenge when preparing on grass for athletics preparation.”

Raboiliku said another warm-up session may be next week with schools from Sigatoka showing keen interest to participate.

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