Walking the distance

WITH no transport available, voters walked the dusty rough terrain in areas of Cakaudrove on Vanua Levu, braving the hot sun as they made their way to polling stations.

And for them, it didn’t matter because all they want is the new government to continue with development works in the province.

In the Buca Bay area, villagers packed polling stations at Koroivonu, Loa and Navonu.

Polling stations at Navatu Secondary School, Koronatoga and Korotasere villages were also full and villagers made themselves comfortable in sheds sharing yaqona and strumming guitars to the tune of local melodies.

Women carrying babies and holding umbrellas, villagers carrying bags and bottles of water, people waiting for transport were the feature of the day.

At Navonu, villagers shared how it was important to continue with infrastructural development.

In Naweni, Melania Merelita and Qoru Valavia said they believed the new roads had helped increased their income.

All they want is continuous improvement to such developments.

They depend on the farm and the sea for income so having better roads has improved the transportation challenges they face.

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