Walk of faith

IN a bid to remember the pain and torment that Jesus Christ suffered, youths of Lautoka participated in a crosswalk yesterday morning to mark Good Friday.

The commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ drew a crowd of about 2000 Christians.

Among them was Seru Mareko, who said the day was one of remembrance.

“We had a very large turnout this morning,” he said.

“The turnout comprised of nearly three quarters of the Lautoka Catholic Church members. Youths have taken part in this walk of faith to remember how our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died for our sins.”

He said one of the messages that he wanted to relay to members of the public during this Easter long weekend was to help those in need.

“I want to inform people to just focus on our surroundings. If you see anyone who needs your help, help them out.”

An early morning church service was also held.

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