Walk for a cause

MEMBERS of Lautoka’s newest gym Pacific Fitness showed their support for the Pinktober initiative by participating in a fun walk to raise money for the Fiji Cancer Society.

The fun walk was not limited to gym members only with participants encouraged to involve their families for the worthy cause.

Pacific Fitness Lautoka personal trainer and group exercise instructor Daniella Stark said the Pacific Fitness wanted to be involved in raising awareness and contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

“I think for us it’s very important to be educated and being an advocate of fitness and health and it just makes sense to encourage and to get the word out there about this type of cancer.

“We told all of our members to come out and be part of this cause and it’s more of a fun morning exercise for everyone instead of something that’s strictly for members.

“For us I think it’s important that we support things that promote healthy living and if it’s anything to better the lives of people of Fiji then it will definitely be something that we support.”

The gym has 260 members in Lautoka.

Fiji Cancer Society West co-ordinator Milika Marshall said she was grateful for the support from the gym and its members.

“We always welcome any kind of support that we get because it is going to a worthy cause,” she said.

“They are the first gym to show their support for Pinktober and help in raising awareness on breast cancer.

“Cancer is a lifestyle disease just like diabetes and I think that organisations that encourage fitness and healthy living showing their support for Pinktober and for the Fiji Cancer Society is welcoming and we are very happy and grateful for their support.”

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