Wake up litterbugs

Of late the dailies carry pictures of groups picking up rubbish and cleaning up stretches of beaches, public parks, schools and around neighbourhood. The same beaches get cleaned up over and over again.

This environmental problem and activities seem to be like one of those “band-aid’ situations. No matter how much or how well you do it, it keeps recurring. People keep littering!

More needs to be done to get people to pay greater attention to our littering problem. I mean “on-the-spot” and “in-your-face” attention, like I’ve been doing for the past few months.

A guy scrunches up his greasy fish-and-chips bag and drops it right in front of me on that sidewalk.

So I go; “Hey, excuse me, please pick up your rubbish and put it in that bin right over there!”

I got the surly look, but I also got him picking it up and putting it in one of those colourful bins provided by Suva City Council. I take my umbrella with me when I go out these days in case I get more than a surly look reaction to my “on-the-spot” litter reprimands. This super-teched generation (earplugs and all) tend to get zonked out while out and about, some even causing accidents, near-accidents and dropping rubbish wherever and whenever without thinking.

So, “on-the-spot” “pick-it-up, drop it in the bin”, does it for me.

Wake up, litterbugs!

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