Wainadoi students farm for family

Paula Tuinaviti (close to camera) and his cousins enjoy farm life. Picture: RAMA

This long school break amid the COVID-19 pandemic second wave in Fiji has made cousins from Wainadoi focus on farming with their relatives.

Apolosi Agitia said farming had been part of his life while growing up at Wainadoi.

“When the school holidays were extended, I continued to help my dad at our family farm. Most times I’d go with my cousin, and we help each other out at the farm,” he said.

Apolosi said he was still adjusting to juggling online school work and work projects on the farm which he has scheduled as a daily routine.

“We have been planting a lot of root crops and vegetables for our family. Sometimes my mum takes our produce to the market.

We’ve planted cassava, dalo, cucumber, rourou (taro leaves) and bele (spinach).”

Apakuki Ratuibau said the extended holidays gave him a chance to help his parents at the family farm and enjoy bonding time.

“Every morning after breakfast we leave home for our farm and it’s the one place I prefer to be while adhering to health safety precautions to stay at home.

What better way to spend time with the whole family and plant our own food.

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