WAF works on fully restoring water supply in Western Division

WAF Board Director, Kamal Gounder inspects the works to the transducer pipe. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) says it is working around the clock to restore water supply to all affected areas in Nadi and parts of Lautoka.

This is after the authority has indicated the completion of its installation works at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant over the weekend which saw a shut down in water supply in most parts of Nadi.

WAF board director Kamal Gounder said most affected areas in Nadi and Lautoka have been restored.

He said as of 9am yesterday morning (October 1), 80 per cent of the affected areas in Nadi had been restored.

And about 90 per cent of affected areas in Lautoka have also been restored, he said.

“Currently, all low-lying areas should have water supply restored and WAF crew members are working hard to get elevated areas as well as the Southern end of Nadi (towards Momi) fully restored at a 100 per cent and this is expected by midnight Tuesday (02/10) as water levels in the reservoirs increase in order to meet the demand,” Mr Gounder said.
He added that the installations of the two new Vanessa valves at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant were carried out successfully and completed on time.

“Our contractors completed the installation works at Nagado by 8am Sunday morning (September 30) and water restoration to the water treatment plant which involved valve operations from the Vaturu Dam began straight after,” said Mr Gounder.

“During the shutdown, WAF ensured that drinking water standards in water tanks were in compliance, as well as the availability of limited water cart trucks were other challenges that we had to overcome. However, with advanced and proper planning our WAF team managed deliver and overcome the situation.”

Mr Gounder said lessons were also learnt after successfully completing the works at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant.

“We identified certain sections within the water distribution network that are weaker and sensitive to pressure variations. This information will be helpful for future operations. There are some more minor points picked up during the operations that could be further improved,” he said.

Mr Gounder further added that the authority also carried three important works during the shutdown which involved the repair of a leaking washout along the Vaturu to Nagado Water Treatment Plant High Pressure Bulk line.

He said that the other two works, were cut-in works and installations cross connection tee-valves which were aimed at boosting water supply into the Nadi reticulation.

Meanwhile, customers in Nadi and Lautoka who are still without water supply can contact the authority on its toll-free short code 1507 or email waterhelp@waf.com.fj for further enquiries.

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