WAF warns of dry spell; May affect water supply

PEOPLE around the country have been advised of the approaching dry weather conditions with a warning that it may affect the supply of water in the coming months.

The Water Authority of Fiji yesterday made this statement as it noted that the dry weather conditions in the Western and Northern divisions was getting bad compared to the Central Division.

WAF chairperson Bhavesh Kumar said they continued to closely monitor the water levels in reservoirs by recording changes to the consumption levels as rainfall remained below average in the western and northern parts of the country.

Mr Kumar said for now, the water levels in the dams had not reached critical levels yet but they continued to monitor the situation.

“I would like to encourage people during the dry spell to use water conservatively and ensure it is on a needs basis and not to waste water as every drop is precious,” Mr Kumar said in a statement.

“Customers who are already facing the shortage of water are requested to use water wisely for their immediate needs during this dry period.”

WAF general manager Customer Services Sekove Uluinayau said they had activated their emergency toll free line 1507 for affected customers who would want to request for water carting trucks.

“We encourage those that are facing issues with their water supply in the rural areas to contact us on toll-free number 1507, this channel of communication is kept open and we will continue to assist them in the best way that we can. Please take note of the service order numbers which will be issued to you for reference and follow-up purposes,” said Mr Uluinayau.

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