WAF teams conduct emergency repairs to restore water supply in Lami

Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) CEO Barry Omundson. Picture: SUPPLIED/WAF

Residents in the greater Lami area may be experiencing disruption in water supply at the moment.

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has clarified that this is due to their ground teams who are currently conducting emergency repairs on two pumps at the Waimanu Raw Water Pump station.

This is to restore water to the greater Lami area from Delainavesi bridge to the Naval base at Togalevu.

WAF says currently, only pump number one and four are running while pump number three is being repaired after sustaining damage to its shaft and bearing.

“The fault was caused by silt and debris inside the pumping gallery and when they were sucked into the pump it caused the pump to seize and lock up,” WAF CEO, Barry Omundson said.

“WAF ground teams are already conducting repairs and are expected to conduct the emergency works through the night. The priority is to ensure that Fijians have water and the team have carried out valve operations to sustain trunk main pressures and all areas that are not receiving water are being provided with water carts.”

The Authority highly apologizes for any inconvenience caused to its customers and is committed to getting water supply normalised as soon as possible.

Fijians living in impacted areas have been urged to call 5777 should they have any queries or need assistance.

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