WAF team conducts repairs to restore water supply

WAF crew members work to relay the dislocated DN600 water trunk main, yesterday, March 31, 2019. Picture: SUPPLIED

A WATER trunk main was reported to have been dislocated last week resulting in a major leakage along the access road between the Waila Water Treatment Plant and the Wainibuku Reservoir.

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) says the water trunk main transports clean and treated water to the Wainibuku Reservoir, which then feeds the other service reservoirs.

WAF crew members have been working around the clock to get water supply normalized to residents in the elevated parts of Nasinu and parts of Tamavua in the Central Division.

Water supply restoration was initially set for Friday March 30 at 6 am which was further extended to Sunday, March 31 at 6 am and was further extended to Monday morning, April 1 at 6 am.

WAF says an experienced operations team were tasked yesterday to conduct urgent repairs to the dislocated leaking 600mm trunk main as the ground conditions had slightly improved and this had also impacted the supply of water to many customers.

WAF is currently in the process of re-charging the trunk main (build-up pressure), once this is completed, water supply is expected to be normalized.

During this unplanned temporary water disruption period, water carting trucks were deployed to cart water to affected areas.

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