WAF gains insight

THE inventor of the world’s first reverse osmosis solar desalination technology and chief executive officer of Mascara, Marc Vergnet, visited the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) last week .

Mascara Renewable Water developed the world first reverse osmosis solar desalination technology coupled with photovoltaic (solar panels) solar energy, without batteries making it possible to supply everyone, everywhere, with drinking water.

Mr Vergent said his French company was a specialist in desalination, with a product range of solar-powered desalination plants without batteries or carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions called OSMOSUN. His solar powered units had already benefited more than 110,000 villages in Africa.

“Today, solar energy is the cheapest in the world because the sun is free and solar energy is produced at $0.04 for 1 kilowatt-hour,” he said.

“These technologies have been tested by Mazda Abu Dhabi and the Gulf countries. “It works very well, is easy to maintain and is very economical.”

Mr Vergnet said he was delighted to be back in Fiji to explore options where his company could assist WAF and the people of Fiji

Mr Vergnet holds 18 patents including the Vergnet hydro-pump that supplies more than 50 million people with drinking water around the world.

“I have been involved for 40 years in research and development, industrialisation of water, solar and wind power systems. It is my goal to give water and energy to the people especially those living in the rural areas.” he said.

WAF’s chief executive officer Opetaia Ravai thanked Mr Vergnet for his visit to Fiji and sharing ideas about the new water technologies available that may help WAF and the people of Fiji and the Pacific in the future.

“We have 150 inhabited islands, many of which rely on rainfall or boreholes for their water supply. Solar-powered desalination plants would be an ideal solution for the islands,” said Mr Ravai.

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