WAF assures public of safe drinking water

The Water Authority of Fiji’s (WAF) treatment plant facilities are operating well and the water quality produced is safe.

This was the assurance by WAF to the public in a statement issued today.

According to the statement, WAF systems across the country treat water to the highest level and all drinking water quality is maintained to meet the requirements of the World Health Organization guidelines as well as the Fiji National Drinking Water Quality Standards.

“The authority’s National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) regularly collects and analyses water samples and operational staff ensure compliance to relevant standards,” the statement read.

“WAF operates fully conventional, semi-conventional, and plain chlorinated water supply systems around the country.

“There are many parameters WAF need to conform to and take into consideration in its production of water, one of which is color.

“Sometimes because of heavy rain events in the catchment, customers can experience slight discoloration, however, the water, having been through one of our treatment facilities is safe to drink.”

Further questions sent to WAF on this issue remain unanswered.

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