Vunato dump transformation begins

Waterways and Environment Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy inspects the Vunato Dump with Ganeshwar Rao from Lautoka City Council. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

WORK on transforming the Vunato Dump site in Lautoka is into a landfill has begun, says Waterways and Environment Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy.

During a visit to the site yesterday, he assured Lautoka residents that lessons had been learnt from the recent fire events and measures were being undertaken to ensure future fires were minimised.

“We have brought in machines to ensure every tonne of waste being brought in is compacted and after compacting is completed, it is pressed down and covered with soil,” he said.

“The reason why we are compacting it is to remove the propensity of microbial activity.

“Once we are able to remove all pockets of air, this will ensure there is no microbial activity and no methane gas will be produced.

“Once the waste is compacted and covered with soil, this becomes a landfill. “So Vunato is transforming from a dump site to a landfill.”

Dr Reddy said the process would take some time and he urged the people of Lautoka to be patient.

“Vunato receives 80 tonnes of waste material a day at its 40 acre site, and this is a significant amount of waste to process.

“About 0.9 tonnes gets removed by licenced pickers who have a permit from the Lautoka City Council to remove reusable items from the dump.”

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