Vuikadavu’s calling

FORMER Republic of Fiji Military Forces Band vocalist Warrant Officer Class One Rabici Logavatu Vuikadavu could not hold himself back when asked to help the band prepare for the Military Tattoo and centennial celebration next week at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

Mr Vuikadavu was one of the original members of the Queen Elizabeth Barracks Serenaders, a spin-off group from the RFMF Band.

The QEB Serenaders was formed by Mr Vuikadavu, Luke Tamani, Timoci Cabenauli, Laisa Rokodrega, Peniyasi Nagudrunidoi, Eroni Koroivuki and Jale Daucakacaka as a pastime hobby.

“The QEB Serenaders came together after the group, who bunked together started humming tunes in the barracks as they polished boots and got ready for the next day,” Mr Vuikadavu said.

“When I was asked this year to be part of the Military Tattoo and centennial celebration, I knew I had to be part of it.

“I want to help the band in any way possible. This is our first Military Tattoo and hold historical significance for the nation and for the RFMF.

Mr Vuikadavu is now 69 years old but his voice is evergreen as the time he started singing for the QEB Serenaders.

In the past months, he has been performing with the RFMF Band at several events during promotions for the Military Tattoo.

“There are two things I pray for now,” he added.

“First that people come in numbers and support something that could become an international event, and secondly, good weather for Fiji to witness the capability of the RFMF Band.”

Grandstand tickets for the event are $30, temporary seating $25 and grass embankment $15.

Tickets can be bought from in front of ANZ Bank along Victoria Pde, Post Shop Suva, MHCC and RFMF Strategic Headquarters at Berkely Crescent in Suva.

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