Voters want new government to solve water problems

A LOT of voters in Macuata have labelled Wednesday’s general election as simple and easy to understand.While a few may have encountered minor difficulties in casting their votes, others interviewed by this newspaper said they all managed to vote as expected.

For some Batinikama residents in Labasa, having their fingers inked means they are ensuring their voices are heard by the democratically-elected government.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Vishnu Prasad said they wanted the next government to help them with their water problems and appalling road conditions, among other minor requests.

“We left our homes early this morning because we wanted to make sure our voices are heard and with this, we are only hoping that the new government will assist us accordingly,” he said.

“Today’s polling was easy to understand and most of us managed to cast our votes. Also, it didn’t take us long to vote as officials present assisted a lot of us.

“It’s our only hope that the next government assist us with what we want because that’s what we are here for today.”