Vote date suspense

Professor in Governance and Development Studies,Vijay Naidu speaks to the Fiji Times yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

A UNIVERSITY of the South Pacific academic says the FijiFirst government will announce an election date that suits it best.

Professor in Governance and Development Studies Vijay Naidu said it was clear from the 45 days required for the Writ of Election to be proclaimed by the President that the 2018 General Election would not be held on September 17 as it was four years ago.

“By this time in 2014 the writ for the first general election in the country after nearly eight years of military-backed government had been announced. Interestingly, there had been some speculation if there would be an election at all,” Prof Naidu said.

He said it was the government of the day’s prerogative to decide when the election would be held.

“The FijiFirst party government will submit the date that suits it best.”

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