Vote counting conducted professionally: MOG

Multinational Observer Group (MOG) co-chairs delivering their interim statement, from left to right, Wajid Fauzilicture, Mukesh Chandra Sahu and Jane Prentice. Picture: FT FILE/AQELA SUSU

THE Multinational Observer Group says the counting of votes have so far been conducted professionally and largely without error, although the process was still ongoing.

MOG co-chair Jane Prentice made this comment during the release of the MOG’s interim statement about the conduct of the 2018 General Election.

“While the counting process itself can be time-consuming, we acknowledge this is the result of the high numbers of checks and balances. All votes are counted by hand, and by multiple election officials in the full view of political party agents if they wish to observe,” Ms Prentice said.

“This means that it is difficult for errors to occur, and easy for observers and political party agents to follow.”

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