Volunteer with Fiji ties

TIMOTHY Wilcox was a proud volunteer of the 2018 Commonwealth Games as he got an opportunity to show Fiji’s President Jioji Konrote the Games Village where Team Fiji was camping for the competition.

He worked in Fiji for the past eight years.

Finally he managed to give back to the country by guiding Fiji’s head of state around the Games Village where Team Fiji was camping.

Wilcox, 45, had stayed at Laucala Bay, but now he has been working in Thailand.

“I miss Fiji, it is a great place with friendly people,” he said.

“It was fortunate for me to be part of the flag raising ceremony for Team Fiji and it was bit of a homecoming to the Gold Coast.

“I am part of the protocol team and it was my honour to show the Games Village to the President of Fiji.”

He said he always liked the friendliness of the Fijian people.

“It was a tremendous feeling to be part of the Games Village as not many volunteers get to be here.

“I was in Fiji working for the United Nations and after my assignment in Fiji I had to return.

“But I believe Fiji and the Pacific is still in my blood.

“I am always keen to go for a visit. Fiji has a great culture and they sung a special song at the flag raising and it was very unique and they also had a sevusevu ceremony. Everyone was happy to see Fiji bringing their culture to Australia.”

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