Volleyball looks for new coach

THE Fiji Volleyball Federation is still looking for an overseas coach who could take the sport to another level.

The federation had discussions with a few international candidates but the negotiation could not reach an agreement in the past.

“The plan to get an overseas coach started two years back and unfortunately the countries we had in mind to get the coaches from had withdrawn at the last minute,” president Elesi Ketedroma said.

“We had to go to another country.

“We are basing our need on the needs here in Fiji in terms of bilateral relation the Government have with other countries and the possibility to get coaches of that particular country.”

She said getting an overseas coach did not mean local coaches were not capable enough.

“This is to ensure the funding to pay the coaches is there before we approach to do that.

“We had planned that but we have not reached that level where we are going to acquire an international coach.

“We have been concentrating on our local coaches to coach the teams and if we do have the international coaches then the local coaches would be understudying them.”

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