Volleyball Fiji targets upgrade

The Fiji Volleyball Federation has plans to develop the game further in Fiji. Picture: FILE

VOLLEYBALL upgrade is a step that the newly elected president of Volleyball Fiji Liga Gukisuva wishes to carry out this year and it would only be possible if interested individuals including amateurs join in and be part of the 2020 campaign.

Dubbed as the neighborhood sport, volleyball is often played all-year long in rural and urban areas including maritime villages by all ages.

The new direction for this year to create an atmosphere for 2020 that will welcome players and first-timers to join the fun starting with our first tournament of the year.

“The Fiji Volleyball Federation is organising the corporate tournament and we can have the non-competitive players to come and just have a feel of the game and what it’s all about.

“Unless and until you get the interest, you won’t be able to develop on the sport so this fun day for you to be part of beach volleyball rather than hearing or reading about it,” said Gukisuva.

He suggested that many are capable of playing volleyball but were shy or don’t have that interest in themselves, communities or families to expose their talents and give it a try and that is why we want everyone to be part of the event.

“It gives us the opportunity to select from a thousand rather than selecting from 20 or the 40 that we currently have, the talents are out there but it’s a matter of providing all these tournaments for them to come out and shine and gives the coaches a wide variety of players to select from,” Gukisuva said.

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