Volleyball association defers club games

Suva Volleyball Association interim general secretary Semaima Lagilagi with members of the Narseys Plastics team during the Fiji Women’s Crisis SVA business house tournament. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

The Suva Volleyball Association has postponed its club games.

The games will be resumed at a later date. The decision comes into place after the association board reviewed its calendar of events for this year.

“Some changes have been made to ensure that the clubs continue to abide by the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines through the Public Health Act that was updated two days ago by the Ministry of Health,” general secretary Semaima Lagilagi said in a statement.

“The other events will remain the same with the coaches gender and coaches child protection accreditation, which will be held on January 17-19 from 9am-4:30pm at Devoux St, Suva.”

Lagilagi stresses the importance of coaches attendance.

“Those who do not attend this training will not be accepted to the coaches’ accreditation training,” she said.

“The coaches’ OSEP training will begin on January 20- 21 and the venue to be confirmed soon. The SVA will provide bus fare allowance and meals for our 16 registered clubs; one club must send one coach.

“This training is compulsory; we want all club coaches to have an accreditation before the season starts,” she said.

“This course is compulsory for all clubs and SVA technical officials.” She said the SVA mini-open tournament will start on February 12 at the multipurpose courts.

“Attendance of four club games and more coaches’ course, referee course will receive a waiver in entry fees.”

She said the open tournament would start on March 4 and 5 — International Women’s Day tournament — attendance of five club games and more, coaches course attendance, referee course attendance with clubs will receive a waiver in entry fees.

“The SVA presidents/ captains leadership training will be held on March 7-9 and the venue is also to be confirmed,” she said.

“For the open tournament — Easter Club Championship — it will take place on April 15-16 with attendance of eight club games and more, coaches course attendance, referee course attendance club will receive a waiver in entry fees. Lagilagi said the SVA mini-tournament would be held on April 30 and the season would close.

“This calendar will continue to be revised in line with the Ministry of Health’s and DISMAC’s protocols to ensure everyone is protected from COVID-19 and disruptions due to the cyclone season.”

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