Vodafone launches M-PAiSA Mastercard

Mastercard Director Pacifi c Islands Craig Kirkland, left, Vodafone Fiji Board chair Joe Taoi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Co-Operatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, and Communications Manoa Kamikamica and Vodafone regional chief executive Offi cer Pradeep Lal during the launch. Picture: FIJI GOVERNMENT

Vodafone has launched the much-awaited M-PAiSA Mastercard and the first 100,000 customers to complete sign-up will receive their Mastercard free of charge.

As the world moves into digital and cashless economies with digital payments becoming a norm, many online and e-commerce platforms offer deals exclusively on their online platform, payment for which can only be made by Scheme cards.

M-PAiSA users with Mastercard will now be able to take advantage of these offers with all the ease the M-PAiSA platform is known for. Vodafone Fiji Board chair Joe Taoi said, “The launch of M-PAiSA Mastercard will truly transform M-PAiSA into an open loop, globally accepted payment platform allowing users to be able to make online and overseas payment also”.

“Effectively, M-PAiSA now becomes part of Mastercard’s global payment network that will enable users to transact with over 100 million merchants worldwide both as online remote payment and over-the-counter payment through the POS networks either locally or abroad.”

Mastercard director Pacific Islands Craig Kirkland said, “Already in the pilot phase we have seen some really great insight into customer behaviour when you provide them a solution that meets their needs and allows them the freedom to spend their own money in a way that suits them.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister For Trade, Co-Operatives And Small And Medium Enterprises, and Communications Manoa Kamikamica said digital wallets such as M-PAiSA had a positive influence on the Fijian economy.

“As a powerful tool, digital wallets such as M-PAiSA have accelerated development and promoted equality, mobilising funds in the informal sector and empowering our rural communities,” he said.

“So, my liking for e-wallets like M-PAiSA is obvious – Kudos to Vodafone, for this achievement in the short span of time is nothing short of phenomenal.”

Vodafone customers can now apply for their new M-PAiSA Mastercard from their phone and upload their documents directly.

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