Vodafone Kaji Rugby: Cricket in their blood, rugby in their hearts

The Southern Lau Kaji rugby team. Picture: ERONI TUINUKU

CRICKET is a famous sport in the Lau group especially in the islands of Oneata, Moce, Komo and Namuka-i-Lau.

However rugby begins to develop in the islands through the joint forces of the four teams forming the Southern Lau Kaji Rugby team to the Vodafone Kaji Rugby festival.

These young ruggers are the pioneers of their islands to represent their team to a national event and winds of change starts to develop as rugby attracts the attention of these young players.

Team coordinator Jane Sadrugu said cricket may be in their blood but rugby is in their hearts.

“These talented players are the cream from every school from the four islands and pioneers for the Southern Lau team.

“Cricket is a sport they grew up with, admired by their four fathers but these kids have developed a new tradition and that is their love for rugby and their attitude during training shows that they want to go a long way with rugby and even making it their profession,” said Sadrugu.

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