Vodafone Fiji launches AI-driven chatbot

The illustration supplied by Vodafone Fiji shows how customers can use the chatbot.

VODAFONE Fiji today launched its artificial intelligence (AI) driven contact centre chatbot – Joe – Vodafone Fiji’s 24/7 digital assistant, designed to improve customer experience, allowing a seamless conversation for several queries.

Chief commercial officer Ronald Prasad said ”Joe” was highly skilled to provide responses to simple inquiries such as balance checks, phone prices, checking sim status, APN settings, information on plans, roaming and current promotions.

Mr Prasad said the “Joe” was integrated into several backend systems using a series of application programming interface (API’s), which powers it to provide both static FAQs based responses and dynamic information.

According to Mr Prasad, the aim is to understand the customer’s question and respond accordingly and the chatbot learns and improves as it interacts with customers and over time, the responses will become much more streamlined.

There are more dynamic use cases planned to be rolled out for “Joe” in the next few weeks and these include live agent hand over, opt-in/out of plans and dynamic recharge.

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