Vodafone Fiji focus on cloud services

Parcipants at the CPA Conference at the Shangri La Fijian Resort in Sigatoka. Picture: ATU RASEA

SMARTPHONES have become the key device used these days to carry out business deals and other similar transactions.

Vodafone Fiji’s chief operating officer Ronald Prasad said they were focusing on cloud services which meant that data stored in the cloud by businesses – either small businesses or by huge enterprises – was much more secure.

Vodafone Fiji is the co-sponsor of the CPA Congress Fiji with the theme “Business as unusual”.

Mr Prasad said their capital expenditure project being carried out was scheduled to be completed by the end of the year which would improve the services provided to users.

He said the upgrade would increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide better infrastructure for its subscribers and clients.

According to Mr Prasad Vodafone had evolved and changed over the years and will continue to bring developments to provide better services to clients.

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