Vocea shares experience on HMAS Adealaide

Able Seaman Communications and Information Systems Michelle Vocea on the port bridge wing of HMAS Adelaide during Exercise Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018. Picture: SUPPLIED

FIJIAN Royal Australian Navy sailor Able Seaman (AB) Communications and Information Systems, Michelle Vocea was fortunate to be part of the HMAS Adelaide for Indo-Pacific Endeavour (IPE) 2018.

AB Vocea who is a Fiji-born said her first deployment with the Navy was IPE last year where she had the best time.

“IPE this year is a bonus, because I get to go home to Fiji and then on to Hawaii,” she said

“My parents work and live in Fiji for most of the year, so I usually go and visit them every year. Last year I also got to go to my sister’s wedding.”

She said her reason for joining the Royal Australian Navy was because it was unique compared to any job she previously had.

“Navy gives me the opportunity to travel, look after my health and stay fit at the same time,” she said.

“The best part of my job is meeting people from all different walks of life, whether they’re people in the RAN or people I have met along the way in the job.

“I’ve worked with the Australian Army on HMAS Choules for exercise Talisman Sabre last year, and again throughout my posting on Adelaide.”

She also listed her love for sports as one of the reasons to joining the Navy.

“I love all kinds of sports; basketball, netball, touch footy, and rugby,” she said.

“I managed the boys’ rugby team for a season during the four months I volunteered at St Vincent’s College in Natovi, which was a really good experience.

“During that time I lived in the teacher’s quarters, took various classes when the teachers weren’t available and marked tests and assignments for them.”

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