Vocea: People should prepare

COMMISSIONER Northern Jovesa Vocea has cautioned affected communities in the North not to be complacent with the weather situation.

“People in the Northern Division should prepare themselves for this cyclone,” he said.

“We also advise families who don’t have anywhere to go during this cyclone to please move to higher grounds and do not wait for the water level to rise.”

Mr Vocea said they had not received any reports of casualty so far.

“Let’s hope everyone is safe and as for now, the towns and shops are still in operation and we haven’t advised business operators to stop but they are operating at their own risk,” he said.

“We have seen a lot of families who have moved to the evacuation centres have brought in their own food and water including cooking utensils which is really good and we know that they have prepared well for the cyclone.”

Mr Vocea has confirmed that church buildings will also be used as evacuation centres in villages.

“Over the years church buildings were opened to families who had nowhere to go,” he said.

The following roads are closed:

* Qawa Crossing at Boubale and Urata in Bulileka. Both roads are inaccessible.

* Soasoa Flat on Wainikoro Rd in Labasa and Namoli Rd from the bridge to Jim’s Service station.

* Labasa Town, only Nabouwalu side is accessible to town while Bulileka and Wainikoro side are inaccessible.

* Colo crossing on Kawakawavesi in Natua.

* Bagasau Crossing in Nakobo.

* Savusavu, Bagata Crossing in Savusavu.

* Qelemumu Crossing on Qelemumu Rd in Labasa.

* Vulovi to Soasoa Flat in Wainikoro in Labasa.

* All Saints Flat at Bulileka in Labasa.

* Emly Point in Siberia, Labasa.

* Navakuru Crossing on Korotari Rd.

* Zailav Crossing on Zailav Rd in Natua.

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