Visitors off to strong start in OFC final

Team Wellington at the Nadi International Airport eartlier this week. Picture: REINALCHAND

TEAM Wellington made a strong start scoring the first goal early in the first against Vodafone Lautoka in the OFC  final at Lautoka’s Churchill Park this hour.

The Blues are playing without their ace goalkeeper Beniamino Mateinaqara  who will start from the with defender Kolinio Sivoki leading the side.

A blunder by replacement goalkeeper Senirusi Bokini allowed Mario Ilich to scored the first goal.

Edwin Justin and Zibraz Sahib also forced their way in the starting line-up alongside young Shazil Ali.

Lautoka needed to win by clear seven goals to win the title after losing last week’s encounter 6-0 in Wellington.  The visitors lead 1-0.


Lautoka: Bokini, Edward Justin, Zibraaz Sahib, Shazil Ali, Dave Radregai, Kavaia Rawaqa, Cory Chettleburgh, Osea Vakatakesau, Kolinio Sivoki Benjamin Totori, Brian Kaltack

Reserves: Beniamino Mateinaqara, Poasa Bainivalu, Jone Vesikula, Arami Manumanubai

Wellington: Scott Basalaj, Justin Gulley, Mario Ilich, Teylor Schrijvers, Eric Molloy, Natahaniel Hailemariam, Mario Barcia, Andrew Bevin, Roy Kayara Jack Henry Sinclair, Angus Kilkolly

Reserves: Marcel Kampman, Liam Wood, Ross Allen, Daniel Mulholland, Hamish Watson

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