Visible support

SEVERAL grounds around the country yesterday were packed as family members came out in numbers to support their young sportsmen and women. It has been the norm for quite a while now that the bulk of school sports is held on Saturdays.

Given that most parents do not work on Saturdays, that would have meant they had the time to go and watch their children pit their skills, knowledge and experience against rivals in their age group. Not only parents but siblings, aunties and uncles with cousins also had the time and opportunity cheer for family members.

Then there are the former students who come out in numbers to support the players who now fly their school’s colours.

As the second school term craws close to its end, so too various primary and secondary sporting competitions; netball, rugby union, basketball and hockey to name a few.

Throughout the term, students have given up some of their time to prepare in teams hoping that they make the national play-offs. The nature of competition is such that only a few schools will make it to the top. And there can only be one winner. Every so often, two teams will share top honours.

It is during this time that those in charge of the teams, and the individual players/participants which have not progressed to drive home a very important or several important points.

The first is that for one to have a chance at winning, one has got to try. Or as some would have it: You have to be in to win. There is no way around this.

No matter how good you may think you are. You can only find out if you put yourself to the test.

The reverse side of this coin is that those who came out second best and even further down the pecking orders is that they contributed to the winners’ performance. They are the ones who made sure the winners played well to win.

Another important lesson which can be drawn from the various school sports which are drawing to a conclusion is that it all takes place within the parameters laid down by the rules of the sport and the regulations of the different competitions.

Rules are there for a purpose, they are to be followed. Any infraction will be dealt with accordingly.

As the various competitions progress, participants will now know they can perform to the level they are at because of the various contributors or supporters; at home, in school and the wider community.

Competitors should also now be aware of another truth. Teams are made up of unique individuals but for the team to succeed, each member must put forward his or her strengths for the benefit of the team while suppressing or correcting their faults so the team does well. We wish all our young sportspeople the best.

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