Visama water project to improve supply

COMPLAINTS of frequently burst water main and low water pressure in the farming community of Visama in Nakelo is expected to soon ease once major replacement works is completed.
Works by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) started on April 27 this year and is expected to be completed by June 21, a project with an estimated cost of $126,786.

According to a statement from WAF, WAF is replacing the existing AC pipes with DN 100 MPVC pipes, which will increase the volume of water supply to the area.

This will also mitigate against burst mains and leakages resulting from the old infrastructure.

The main replacement work is aimed at improving the capacity and sustainability of the current infrastructure and enhances the supply of clean and safe water.

More than 265 people are also expected to benefit from this with round-the-clock water supply in their individual homes.

The reticulation system is also being relocated for ease of access for future maintenance works.


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