Visa prank call warning

THE High Commission of India is warning the public of fraudsters who are making prank calls to ask people to send money for false visa applications.

This was confirmed by the Indian High Commissioner to Fiji Vishvas Sapkal.

The warning follows nine complaints received by the commission in the past 10 days in relation to this issue.

“These people are calling from India and are pretending to be Indian High Commission officials,” Mr Sapkal said.

“We have received around eight to nine complaints and these fraudsters are maybe calling from the Internet telephone, displaying the high commission’s number and cheating people.

“They are telling people that the documents they had submitted on their Fiji visa at the immigration has an error and if they do not rectify these documents, they would be deported immediately.

“They are then directed to go to money transfer agencies and the account number is given and the person who is actually deterred goes there and transfers the money.”

Mr Sapkal advised that people who experience this issue should call the High Commission of India for clarification.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said an investigation for this issue was in progress.

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