Violence against children should not be tolerated: McKenzie

Save the Children Fiji CEO Iris Low-McKenzie. Picture: FT FILE

VIOLENCE against children should never be tolerated.

This was the message from the Save the Children Fiji in light of the recent case about a father who allegedly assaulted his biological daughter and niece in Samabula, Suva.

Save the Children Fiji CEO Iris Low-McKenzie said it was disheartening to hear of such cases.

“It is more disheartening when it is a parent who is committing it. Whatever the situation may be, parents need to realise that violent means of disciplining children should never be an option and it is against the law,” Ms McKenzie said.

She said the misuse of power by parents and guardians posed a high risk to children’s lives and there were more positive methods of disciplining children that focused on the child’s behaviour, and at the same time taught them about discipline and respect for their elders.

Ms McKenzie added the Government was responsible for upholding the Convention of the Right of the Child that was ratified in Fiji in 1993.

“With the ‘No Drop Policy’ in hand, this also shows Government’s commitments in denouncing such abhorrent crimes. However, the protection of our children is everyone’s responsibility.

“We encourage communities and families to stand up for children and report cases of abuse or neglect of a child. We need to remember that it takes a whole village and community to raise a child.”

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