Villages for relocation

The aftermath of TC Winston on Koro Island in 2016. Picture: SUPPLIED/FT FILE

The Lands and Mineral Resources Ministry identified 28 villages around Fiji that needed relocation in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016.

The ministry passed on this information to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources that reviewed the ministry’s 2016-2017 annual reports.

According to the ministry, the 12 villages on Koro Island identified for relocation were Nabasovi, Teva, Navaga, Kade, Mudu, Nakodu, Namacu, Sinuvaca, Naqaidamu, Nasau, Nacamaki and Nabuna.

Nacekoro and Naweni villages on Vanua Levu and Naigani Village on Batiki – were also identified.

Tokou, Natokalau, Vuma, Toki, Vatukalo, Nauouo, Arovudi, Taviya and Rukuruku on Ovalau were also pegged for relocation.

In Tailevu, Qoma, Qelekuro, Dakuinuku, Nasinu, Driti and Silana were assessed for relocation by the ministry.

On Vanuabalavu, 12 villages including Narocivo, Namalata, Susui, Dakuilomaloma, Sawana, Levukana, Boitaci, Muamua, Daliconi, Avea, Mualevu and Lomaloma were also identified.

“Although there were 28 villages identified, the team had assessed and identified more than 28 villages that were to be relocated as the result of TC Winston,” the ministry stated.

“The assessment involved identification of landslide and landslide prone areas, rock falls and slope failures, coastal erosion along the access roads and village coastlines.

“Land issues were required to be resolved before the final sites were confirmed.

“Also, the team had to ensure that the relocated sites did not fall along the geological fault lines (that ran through village boundaries).”

The ministry stated all assessment reports were compiled and submitted to either the Divisional Commissioner, Roko Tui or provincial office.

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