Village’s first flood

WAIKUBUKUBU Village near Tavua experienced a flood for the first time in its history.

During Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni earlier last week, villagers near the river were shocked to find water entering homes.

Village headman Peceli Natusoro said about eight houses were inundated.

“This is the first time we experienced a flood in our village,” he said.

“We have a man who is almost 70 years old and he has never seen a food like this.”

He said the Waikubukubu crossing burst its banks at the height of Severe TC Keni.

“We were lucky that it happened during the day.

“If it happened at night, it would have been dangerous for us because a lot of us did not expect any flooding.”

He said the heavy downpours that came with Severe TC Keni also resulted in a damaged crossing along Nadelei Rd.

“We have children coming from Nadelei to attend classes at Waikubukubu District School.

“The crossing is damaged and carriers taking children to school will not be able to cross the bridge.”

He said he hoped the authorities would work quickly before classes resumed for the young children.

A team from this newspaper visited the village on Friday when it noticed a number of landslides along the route to Nadarivatu.

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