Villagers worry about food

VILLAGERS on islands in northern Yasawa are worried that food will run out as the prolonged adverse weather has affected farmland and boat services to the region. Speaking from Dalomo yesterday, village headman Tevita Nadoko said plantations were badly damaged during last week’s heavy downpours.

“We went again today (yesterday) to pull out the rest of our crops and most of it was damaged by the rain,” he said.

“The wind is too strong for most of us to go out to sea to fish so we are depending mostly on what we have at home.”

He said food supplies such as flour, sugar and rice were bought from Lautoka each month when boat services were available.

“We have only one boat that we use to go to Lautoka and that comes after every three to four weeks. During that time we have to buy as much food supplies as we can.”

He said the boat services have been affected by the spate of adverse weather over recent weeks.

“After this heavy rain we know that we can’t depend on our root crops. Hopefully the weather clears so we can make the trip to Lautoka,” Mr Nadoko said.

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